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Twin sisters Kate and Kacey Coppola's commercial Pop Folk style with "Circle Around" (which they won First Prize in the Best Group/Duo category of the 2nd Annual IAMA) with nice music production and good vocal harmonies. Their song "Break" shows that they are versatile in showing some Blues influence. Their dashing model looks would certainly add to their good music and make them signable to a major record label.

We would strongly suggest the twins do writing collaborations with other writers and write more uptempo and midtempo tunes. They certainly have great potential.

RATING: **** (4 1/2  out of 5 Stars)              






Dave Potts won first prize in the 2nd Annual IAMA (folk category) with his song "Amanda Bramlett". Dave's soothing vocals and guitar accompaniment shines throughout the song with beautiful heartfelt music and lyrics with touching imagery. He was a finalist at the 1st annual IAMA as well.

RATING: ***** (5  out of 5 Stars) 





Suzanne Teng won First Prize in the Instrumental catgeory of the 2nd Annual IAMA with her song new age "Chicoy" and also has another song "Katyia's Dance" which went to the top 10 finalist in the same category. Suzanne is an accomplished flutist, displays excellent phrasing in flute. Excellent hooks in her compositions. The whole performance and composition flows very well with ambient sounds. Nice touch in the music production and arrangement with light percussion. It is surprisingly not over-produced or overwhelming at all.

Suzanne has a master’s degree in music from Boston University’s School for the Arts and has studied with some of the finest flute teachers in the world. Her music has received nationwide airplay in United States.

RATING: ***** (5  out of 5 Stars) 






High Range Band is an excellent all around Folk group with new Bluegrass sound and great instrumental solos. Great unique uptempo with "Leave This All Behind", which hit #1 on Music Choice in July of 2004. They won an runner-up award for "Chairs Around The Table" at the 2nd Annual IAMA.

RATING: ***** (5  out of 5 Stars)    


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