Mystic Journey CDs, compilations, films, videos, tv, commercials, other (prior bands, misc. cds, children's music)


Mystic Journey, Autumn Light Productions, 1999

Miles Beyond, Autumn Light Productions, 2003


* recommended

Music for Active Yoga, Volume II, Yoga Fit (2001 - featuring "Katyia's Dance", "China Lily" and "Lotus." www.yogafit.com),

* Echoes Living Room Concerts, Volume VI, Echodisc EDC1006. Produced by John Diliberto, compilation of live recordings from the Public Radio International show Echoes, best of 2000. Featuring live version of "Topanga Dreams." Other artists include Michael Brook/Djivan Gasparyan, Coyote Oldman, Tim Story, Rasa and more. www.echoes.org

Independent Music Awards Winners 2001, Musicians Resource Group, 2001. Featuring live version of "China Lily". Compilation of winners' songs, www.MusiciansAtlas.com

Spirits of the World, Earthtone Records, 2000. World music compilation featuring "Lhasa Love" and 13 other artists including Dead Can Dance, Angelique Kidjo, Krishna Das and Natasha Atlas. www.earthtone.com

Joe's Blue Plate Special, 'The best unsigned and independent music", Joesgrille.com, Volume 35, 2000, featuring live version of "China Lily." www.joesgrille.com

* World Festival of Sacred Music - the Americas, Los Angeles, 1999. Bindu Records in association with Catchlight Films, 2000. Featuring live version of "China Lily" and 25 other pieces on 2-cd set featuring highlights from His Holiness the Dalai Lama's World Festival of Sacred Music - the Americas. www.festivalofsacredmusic.com

Angels of Venice, Windham Hill, 1999. Suzanne plays flute on "Sad Lisa," and "Lionheart," Chinese flute on "China Moon," and recorders on "A Chantar Mer" and "Si Je Perdais Mon Ami."

The Renaissance Album, Windham Hill, 1998. Suzanne playing recorder on Si Je Perdais Mon Ami with Angels of Venice. Compilation with Michael Hedges, Keola Beamer, George Winston, Liz Story…

Summer Solstice, a Windham Hill Collection, Windham Hill, 1997. "Sad Lisa" by Cat Stevens. Suzanne on flute with Angels of Venice. Compilation with Michael Hedges, George Winston…

Lake Serenity, Rising Star Records, 1996. Compilation featuring Suzanne on flutes on "The Enchanted Forest" and "The Reflecting Pool," with The Angels of Venice and "Dreamcatcher" solo alto flute.


Ice Bound, 2003, with Susan Sarandon. Music by Jeff Danna. Suzanne on
flutes, recorders

Yeltsin Chronicles, 2002, music by Jeff Danna, Suzanne on flute

Definite Maybe, 2002, music by William Malpede, Suzanne on flute

A Wrinkle in Time, 2002, music by Jeff Danna, Suzanne on flute

Man's Best Friend, 2002, music by William Malpede, Suzanne on flute

Southern Hospitality, 2002, film by Bill Madison, Suzanne on Native
American flute

The Kid stays in the Picture, 2001. Music by Jeff Danna, Suzanne on flute, alto flute, piccolo, bass flute. http://us.imdb.com/Name?Jeff%20Danna

The Village Pond Project (documentary), produced by Tommy Tang and Alfonz Ruggiero, 2001. Several songs from "Mystic Journey" appear on soundtrack.

Kites (in flight film), Middle East Airlines, 2001, featuring "Aduman."

Reversal, 2001. Music by Jeff Danna, Suzanne on flutes and recorders. http://us.imdb.com/Name?Jeff%20Danna

The Matthew Shepard Story, NBC, 2001. Music by Jeff Danna, Suzanne on flutes. . http://us.imdb.com/Name?Jeff%20Danna

The Grey Zone, 2001. with Harvey Keitel, Mira Sorvino, David
Arquette. Music by Jeff Danna, Suzanne on flute. .

* Green Dragon, with Patrick Swayze and Forest Whitaker, 2001. Music by Jeff Danna, Suzanne on flutes, ethnic flutes, recorders. . http://us.imdb.com/Name?Jeff%20Danna

* Baby, with Farrah Fawcett, Keith Carradine, Jean Stapleton, TNT Original, Citadel Records Corp., 2000. Music by Jeff Danna featuring Suzanne on flutes (lots of alto flute). . http://us.imdb.com/Name?Jeff%20Danna , www.citadelrecordesusa.com

Easter, 2000. Music by Jeff Danna, Suzanne on flutes. . http://us.imdb.com/Name?Jeff%20Danna

Angels Don't Sleep Here, 2000. With Roy Sheider, Robert Patrick. Music by William Malpeed, Suzanne on Native American flute.

Epoch of Lotus, film by Vincent Lee with Ho Sung (Mortal Kombat), 2000. Music by Dino Herrmann, Suzanne on flutes, "Silverlake" over credits, www.sculpturedmusic.com

The Darkling, CBS, 2000. Music by Frankie Blue, Suzanne on flutes and ethnic reeds.

Hidden Wars of Desert Storm - documentary by Audrey Brohy and Gerard Ungerman, narrated by John Hurt, Free-Will Production, 2000. Music by Fritz Heede, Suzanne on western and ethnic flutes. (818)487-2879

After Romeo, film by Peter Alsop & Ellen Geer, Moose Films, 2000. Music by Greg Hilfman, Suzanne on flute/piccolo. (310)455-2318.

Now Chinatown, film by Steve Dunning with Chao Li Chi (Joy Luck Club), Benjamin Lum (Perfect Game), 1999. Music by Dino Herrmann with Suzanne on Chinese flute, www.sculpturedmusic.com

The Last Light, film by Carolyn Chen and Marcus Raboy, 1999. Music by David Stringer, Suzanne on flutes. (213)851-8181

Big Bully, with Rick Moranis and Tom Arnold, Warner Brothers/Scottie Brothers./P.a.r. Records, 1995. Music by David Newman, soundtrack features songs with James Brown and others including Suzanne playing flute with The Dramatics on Scarborough Faire.

Germany - Travel film for German tourism bureau. Suzanne on flutes.

Separate Lives, with Jim Belushi, sidelining with Sagewing in wedding scene.



Illuminated Manuscripts, music by Fritz Heede, 2002, Suzanne on ethnic flutes, Gilbert Levy on percussion

* Embodying Spirit - Advanced Yoga Demonstration celebrating the Power of Spirit, with Ana Forrest, Cascade Yoga, 2002. Video and CD. Music by Dino Herrmann featuring Suzanne Teng on numerous silver and ethnic flutes. www.cascadeyoga.com

* Warrior Goddess Workout Music, Goddess Workout:Finger Cymbals, and Goddess Workout: Veils - with Dolphina. 3 CDs and 3 videos, music by Fritz Heede. 2001. Featuring Suzanne on numerous western and ethnic flutes, Gilbert Levy on percussion, Fritz Heede on strings, Naser Musa on oud, with master duduk. Arabic violin and kanun players, www.FritzHeede.com

MYST III: Exile, video game and CD, 2001. Music by Jack Wall, with Suzanne on flute, Gilbert on percussion.. www.ubisoft.com

A Walk through the Chinese Galleries Asian Art Museum (San Francisco), Asian Art Museum Educational Department, produced by Brian Hogarth, 2000. Music by Suzanne Teng and Gilbert Levy, (415)379-8839

Heart Magic - Kim Kindersley's look at dolphins and indigenous cultures. 2000.. Music by Fritz Heede with Suzanne on silber and ethnic flutes. ((310)456-7808

Vanishing Prayer - Genocide of the Dineh, SOL Communications, 1999. Music by Fritz Heede with Suzanne on flutes. (310)456-3534

Healing Power Zones: 3 Pillars for Health, Dr. David Kearney OMD, L.Ac., Acupuncture/self healing video, 2 video tapes, 1999. Music by Suzanne Teng and Gilbert Levy. www.powerhealing.com

Baby & Mom Pre Natal Yoga - with Gurmukh Khalsa. The Method, PPI Entertainment, 1998. Live yoga class with live music featuring Suzanne on flutes. www.peterpan.com

Baby & Mom Post Natal Yoga - with Gurmukh Khalsa. The Method, PPI Entertainment, 1998. Live yoga class with live music featuring Suzanne on flutes. www.peterpan.com



Wild Animal Baby, Sun Woo Productions, 2003, music by Dino Herrmann, Suzanne on flute.

Korean Soap Opera, Korean National Broadcasting Co., 2002. Music by Dino Herrmann, Suzanne on flutes, www.sculpturedmusic.com

MTV "Undressed," Silverlake, 2001.

Dracula, television series in Europe, 2001. Music by Harald Kloser, Suzanne on numerous ethnic flutes.

Combat Missions, NBC/USA Network, 2001. Music by Russ Landau, Suzanne on pennywhistle.

Survivor II - Live show, 2001, music by Russ Landau. Suzanne on flutes.

Oasis TV - "Topanga Dreams" is title song for daily news show, 2001, www.oasistv.com

Murder She Wrote - performing Mozart and Haydn with flute, violin, cello.



Perfect Balance, music by Hans Zimmer, PSI - a communications campaign on global warming, produced by the Earth Communications Office. Narrated by Linda Hunt and Patrick Stewart, featuring Suzanne on flutes and ocarina. 2000. www.oneearth.org

Johnnie Walker, 2000 new millennium campaign. Music by Michael Becker, with Suzanne on Chinese flute and zither.

California Tan - with Suzanne on Native American flute

Pepsi - sidelining in the commercial with Ray Charles, (playing violin in a black mini skirt…many years ago…..)




Sagewing, "Under the Big Sky," Bobbie Jo Curley (celtic harp, voice), Dov (violin, voice, guitar), Suzanne (flutes, voice), Harry Gilbert (cello, voice). Folk/rock chamber music. Collection of recordings from past 8 years, Lovestar records, 2002. www.LovestarRecords.com

Sagewing, "Earth Day Creation," 1998. www.LovestarRecords.com

Angels of Venice, "Awake Inside a Dream," Epiphany Records, 1996.

Angels of Venice, "Music for Harp, Flute and Cello," Epiphany Records, 1995.



Damian, "Oneness", 2003

Marta Sanchez, "Desconocida," Polygram (Spain), 1998. (certified platinum)

Kabah, "Esperanto," "Campo Santo," Polygram, 1998.

Richard Page (Mr. Mister), "Shelter Me," GRP Records, 1996.

Prince Diabate, "New Life," Sunrise Records, 2001. www.princediabate.com

Ron Teagarden, promoting Chinese Herbs, 2001.

Divya Prabha, "There's a Fire in My Heart," Divya Music, 2000.

Rick Ellis, "Rick Ellis," 2000, www.rickellis.org

David Stringer, "Brink," 2000, www.davidstringer.com

Matthew Crowdan, "Miminal Meditation, 2001.

Jacqueline de Gallo, "Diez Sonetos de Amor," Blackheart Production, 1999

Tumi Ebow Ansa, "KenteDress Dance," Bottom Tree Music,2000

Shaman's Dream, "Bindu," Shaman's Dream Music, 1998

Caitlin, "She," Takaka, 1997

Radim Zenkl, "Resless Joy," Ventana Records, 1999, www.zenkl.com

Levi Chen, "Celtic Zen," Yin Yang Records, 1997, www.yinyangrecords.com

Levi Chen, "Liquid Gardens," Yin Yang Records, 1999, www.yinyangrecords.com

Levi Chen, "Levitation," Yin Yang Records, 1998, www.yinyangrecords.com

Levi Chen, "Haiku Moon," Yin Yang Records, 1995, www.yinyangrecords.com

Andrea Centazzo, "The Secret of Joy," Deep Music Records, 1997

Felicia Rose, "Do You Remember?," Saraswati Productions, 1995

Roger Curley, "A Sailing Adventure," Hipnautical Records, 1994

Fred Starner, "Patchwork Quilt," Endless Chain, 1994

Aziz & Khabira, "Opening to Channel,"Dawnstar Productions, 1993



Keith Bilderbeck, "The Fountain of Youth," Baba Yaga Records, 2002, www.BabaYaga.com

Keith Bilderbeck, "The Firebird," Baba Yaga Records, 1999, www.BabaYaga.com

The Children of Topanga Elementary School , singing 25 songs from around the world with harp, flutes, cello, violin, piano, guitar and percussion - produced by Suzanne, 1996

Glenn Yarbrough, "Dreamland," Kids U.S.A., 1993

Hap Palmer, "We're On Our Way," Kids U.S.A., 1992

Hap Palmer, "A Child's World of Lullabies," Hap-Pal Music, 1993

Hap Palmer, "Quiet Places," Hap-Pal Music, 1992


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