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"Enchanted Wind "

1. Breath of Love (1.0 MB)
2. Above the Clouds (1.0 MB)
3. Dark Moon (1.0 MB)
4. September's Angels (1.0 MB)
5. Floating Bamboo (1.0 MB)
6. Loltun (1.0 MB)
7. Light of the Heart (1.0 MB)


"Miles Beyond"

1. Medicine Wheel (1.1 MB)
2. Sierra (1.0 MB)
3. Babylonians (1.0 MB)
4. Sitara (1.4 MB)
5. Motherland
6. Suling (1.0 MB)
7. Chicoy (1.1 MB)
8. Miles Beyond (1.0 MB)
9. Tien's Lullaby


"Mystic Journey"

1. Topanga Dreams (1.2 MB)
2. Katyia's Dance (1.0 MB)
3. China Lily (1.1 MB)
4. Fertile Crescent (1.2 MB)
5. Lhasa Love (1.3 MB)
6. Aduman (1.6 MB)
7. Darjeeling Sunrise
8. Clouds Across the Darkness
9. Silver Lake
10. Lotus

RECORDED MAY, 2004 - click here (16.9MB RealPlayer file).

"Global flutist Suzanne Teng gathers her band Mystic Journey in her Topanga Canyon home to unleash the sinuous melodies and throbbing middle-eastern/Indian grooves of her music live. Joined by her husband, percussionist Gilbert Levy, guitarist Fritz Heede and acoustic bassist Barry Newton, Suzanne plays themes from her two solo albums, Mystic Journey and Miles Beyond (Autumn Light Productions), Echoes's January CD of the Month."

John Diliberto
((( (((echoes))) )))
Now On More Than 150 Stations

RADIO INTERVIEW with Suzanne and Gilbert
- click here (5.2MB RealPlayer file).


To hear a previous 7 minute program produced by Public Radio International's syndicated show "Echoes", please click here (1.7MB RealPlayer file).

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