November 30, 2010

Dearest Friends,

Hello from our new home in Santa Fe. We relocated here from Topanga in August and are loving our new surroundings. It was a chilly 20 degrees this morning while we were walking our new red-tick coon hound Jack, a sweetie we fell in love with at our local shelter. There is snow on the mountains and a very blue sky surrounding us.

We are happy to announce our Mystic Journey Bali Retreat, March 27-April 1, 2011 and invite you to join us! Mystic Journey will be performing at the Bali Spirit Festival, March 23-27 ( and will stay on for the next six days at a beautiful retreat center on a sacred river. We will share this experience with a small group of new and old friends (you?) while we visit magical sites on the island, rejoice with lots of live Mystic Journey music, meditate under the stars, do yoga, eat gourmet meals together...heal, celebrate life and feel bliss in one of the world's most magical places with ...Beautiful Bali.

Please visit our Bali Retreat page:

And we're please to share the news that our dear friend Soula Saad's film "Beirut Rising" was recently awarded the Best Documentary Award by the Women's International Film and Television Awards 2010. Gilbert and I wrote the music for the film and will be releasing some of these tracks in the near future.

As we journey into the darker days and colder nights, may you be safe, healthy and happy.

Much love,

Suzanne, Gilbert & Mystic Journey

January 27, 2009

Dear Friends,

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Chinese Year, the year of the Ox! May this be a great year for everyone!

Yes, we're working on the next CD, playing some new instruments, creating new sounds, thanks for your patience! It’s sounding great.

If you want to be part of the journey with us, we've got a new fundraising tool on our site...all you have to do is click onto the link right here for Shop to Earth (there is also a link on our home page). From there you can access hundreds of retailers and do your regular shopping on their regular websites. Shopping through our portal will give us cash back on your purchases, anywhere from 1-30%! If you shop green, the minimum cash back is 15%!

Many thanks to Jamil Taylor and The Dwyer family for their generous donations to help with the many costs of producing our cds - hiring the highest quality musicians, engineers, graphic artists, etc. If you're interested in helping, just send us an email, we're grateful for all of your support, no matter if it's financial or just kind words, it means a great deal to us!!

Our spring season is starting and we've got some fun shows lined up. We're especially excited about an exciting 2 week tour to Indonesia that will bring the band to Bali and Java performing at festivals and presenting workshops for music students and villagers alike.

The Zion Flute and Drum festival will be wonderful as well, what a spectacular setting!

We're uploading photos from our memorable show in the fall at the Madrid Theater that was part of the World Festival of Sacred Music and we have beautiful video footage that we plan to edit and upload soon.

Times are challenging for most of us, but they are also exciting and so full of hope. We hope that you are staying healthy, and safe...are making time to be with friends...time to dance and celebrate life...time to dream, to smile, to enjoy the amazing sky above us!

Sending love and very best wishes to you and thank you for sharing in the Mystic Journey with us!!

Suzanne, Gilbert & Mystic Journey

July 9, 2008

Dear Mystic Journeyers,

It's been a while since I've written a newsletter...Hi, and thanks for visiting!  It is now summer time and we're getting ready to go up to Northern California for our annual visit to the redwoods and to give a world music presentation to the campers at Cazadero Music Camp.   This camp is the reason I'm playing the flute today.  My three sisters and I all attended this camp when we were kids and three of us worked there later on.  Now it's the next generation's turn. All but one of Miles' cousins have been campers and the older ones have all worked there as well.  It's a very special place.  

If you're interested in reading more about my own personal journey to becoming who I am, I've written my first published article which appears in the winter issue of The Flutists Quarterly, the publication for the National Flute Association for the column The Inner Flutist . Writing this was a powerful and healing experience for me.  

Let’s see, what are some highlights of the past six months...we had a great tour in Texas in the spring.  Gave world flute workshops at the the Shepherd School of Music in Houston and the University of Texas, Austin and got to see my dear flute friends whom I’ve know for decades, Leone Buyse , my mentor and most important and influential flute teacher, Jennifer Keeney , one of the sweetest people in the world, and Marianne Gedigian , with flying fingers and a fantastic laugh!   All amazing women and musicians! Thanks to my sponsor YAMAHA for helping to make these workshops happen. I love my YAMAHA flutes and they are such an amazing supporter of music in education!

Some notable projects:  Played (and sang!) on the Live Survivor show on CBS (supposedly seen by 70 million people worldwide).  Played the main theme on the Prince of Persia video gamesoundtrack (Inon Tzur), played on a lovely piece produced by David Gregoli for the newly released Kuan Yin compilation (Sounds True).  Gilbert and I created some music for our very dear friend Soula Saad’s new film on the musical protests in Lebanon.  This is a powerful film made by a great filmmaker.

Also, we had a fun spring full of great local shows: Topanga Earth Day Festival, Santa Monica Earth Day Festival, Bonsorte Studio, WorldFest (great vegan, animal rights , Green festival),openings for our friends’ green store in Topanga, blessings of babies, libraries, healings for the earth, for ourselves…so grateful to be able to spread love through our music!)

Our cds are now distributed throughout Australia by a fabulous company Resonanz Recordings who is hoping to bring us out there to tour.  We’d love that and we love them!

Also, the fantastic Native American flute maker Brent Haines of WoodSounds gifted me with the most incredible double flute made of curly birch inlaid with turquoise.  It is stunning and we hope to have clips and photos up soon.   

Noteworthy upcoming news:  we will be featured in the upcoming World Festival of Sacred Music this fall. This will be our fourth time appearing at this festival that was created around the vision of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 1999.  Our concert on September 27th will be at the beautiful Madrid Theater in Canoga Park, California.  

We will be featured on the cover of the next issue (September ’08) of Topanga Magazine and we’re going to be creating an exciting live album!

So stay in touch, be well, and have fun!

In gratitude and with love,

Suzanne, Gilbert and Mystic Journey


December 12, 2007

Dear friends,

It’s a chilly morning here in Topanga.  I’m bundled up in three sweaters drinking my tea.  Funny to imagine we were just in sunny Hawaii wearing our shorts and tank tops.  We had a wonderful six-concert tour on Oahu and Maui at venues ranging from Hawaii Public Radio and community colleges in Honolulu to local benefits on the remote side of Maui in magical Hana.  We made wonderful friends and had great times playing for such appreciative audiences.  Plus, what a paradise Hawaii is.  We swam in sacred pools, climbed a crater (Miles loved that), hiked in jungles and played in the ocean.  Ahhh…here are our photos (link).

We’re happy to announce that we were just awarded the Los Angeles Music Awards Best New Age/Ambient Artist of 2007!  (link:  We are also currently finalists for the Independent Music Awards. (link:   The winners should be announced later this month…

This Sunday, December 16th , 7:00pm,  I’ll be playing in the band for the Survivor Live Finale show.  I’ll be playing Chinese flutes and my wonderful new Hulusi, a great gourd instrument recently given to me by our friends Richard and Anna.  What a wonderful sound it has!

Finally, you can view footage (link: of our concert at the beautiful Ford Amphitheater here in LA.  It’s been beautifully filmed and edited by Soula Saad, John Kuri and our friends at the amazing website  check them out, they are awesome! 

Gilbert and I recently completed the music for the documentary 2-disc DVD Raw for Life, the accompanying dvd for the feature film Raw for 30 which is a fascinating look at the raw food diet and lifestyle. (link and we’re happy to let you know that we’re recording our next CD which is going to be an exotic sensual groove album!! 


And last, if you haven’t already done so, check out our myspace  (link: page.  It’s full of easy to view photos and a lovely background painting by Miles!


So, until next time, we wish you a wonderful Holiday, a time of peace, good health, lots of fun and laughter, good food, love and light!


With love,


Suzanne, Gilbert, Miles & Mystic Journey


May 24, 2007
Dear Friends,
A few bits of new news to share.  I’m thrilled to have my flute playing on the blockbuster hit film “300,” with a fantastic soundtrack by Tyler Bates, now playing in theaters nation-wide.
Also, Genentech has printed 20,000 additional copies of the CD Gilbert and I created for them called “Healing Sounds” which is distributed for free to patients who are using the cancer fighting drug Herceptin which is saving thousands of lives.  They’ve also printed an additional 20,000 copies to be put into the goody bags for the participants of the Avon Walks for Breast Cancer held throughout the country.  We are truly honored that a major pharmaceutical company such as Genentech recognizes the power of music in the healing process and that they selected our music for their patients!
“Enchanted Wind” has been blowing around the world and has been one of the top downloads on the awesome music site since it’s release last June. We love that people are appreciating flute meditations so much! 
Our dear friend Fritz Heede and his partner John Banks have released their wonderful DVD "Ritual Path" - - and Fritz’ new CD “Trance-scendent Dance” featuring the wonderful vocals of Jon Anderson of YES will be released sometime this year.  Gilbert and I performed extensively on both of these projects.
And now we’re gearing up to start recording our next CD, a dance groove album this time!  Yahoo… Gilbert’s been churning out some funky rhythms lately, sending Miles and me and our friends into dance bliss.  Stay tuned for more details…
Be well, be happy,
With love,
Suzanne, Gilbert & Mystic Journey


December 4 , 2006

Dear Friends,

I hope you are enjoying the crisp air and powerful winds of fall.  They are blowing wildly here in Topanga right now…ringing the wind chimes, making the trees dance, and even the hawks are having fun floating in the drifts…

We’ve got lots of new photos up for you to view.  This summer we performed at the  Church of Truth ‘s Wellness Festival.  The following month they hosted one of my Native American Flute workshops and we had a large and wonderful group who are now happily breathing their own music into the world!

Earlier this fall we had a great trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico where we visited our dear friends Elizabeth and Roland and their beautiful daughter (and my goddaughter) Sophia Noelani.  We gave a concert and a flute workshop in their wonderful studio gallery.  To view Roland’s incredible paintings, please visit

In October we presented our Mystic Journey Family Festival which was a huge success.  We’ve got a video to view with more on the way, and LOTS of beautiful photos taken by Helene Barbara.

We were also pleased that our song “Babylonians” from MILES BEYOND was nominated for the 2006 JUST PLAIN FOLKS AWARDS Best Asian Song Award. This wonderful grassroots music organization’s primary directive to their judges in every round (6 of them!) is “Does it Move You?”  There were over 350,000 entries from over 70 countries for 67 categories and we were the only finalist in our category from outside of Asia!

A very interesting German website called Tokafi – Discovering Your Music asked me 15 very thoughtful questions about my views on music…to read the interview go to:

Some exciting projects are underway.  Our dear friend and former string player (but always a Mystic Journeyer) Fritz Heede is producing a new trance/dance album with  Jon Anderson of YES.  Gilbert has laid lots of incredible percussion tracks and I’ll be going into the studio soon to add my flute touches.  We’ll keep you posted on the spring release of this wonderful album.

And in March, we head to the Hawaiian islands for a four-island tour full of concerts and workshops. Details will be posted soon.

May this Holiday Season bring you together with your loved ones for a time of peace, love and true happiness!

With our love and blessings,

Suzanne, Gilbert, Miles and Mystic Journey


July 25, 2006

Hello friends,

It's a hot, hot day here in Topanga and I've got a quiet moment to write until I go pick up Superman (Miles' new persona) from Children's Corner camp. Our newest CD Enchanted Wind is now available and we've been getting great feedback from people. It's a very peaceful album and I really love when people take the time to slow down and listen deeply and really experience the sacred journey. Please feel free to share your experience with us, we love to hear from you all!

We've been fortunate to be able to have some wonderful vacations with family members lately. We've posted photos of our spring Puerto Vallarta trip and our recent Italy/Greece/Turkey trip. Memories that stand out from this amzazing part of the world are: viewing the rising of a deep orange MOON from the ship while floating in the Aegean Sea…the breathtaking forum and coliseum at sunset, in Rome…the beautiful medieval streets of the Trastevere district in Rome…the stunning blue sea and creamy white buildings in Mykonos and Santorini and the beautiful skyline of Istanbul with the call to prayer sounding fully from all directions.

We now have lots of new fun Turkish instruments to learn, and look forward to sharing them with you soon!

Until next time, be well and happy and keep smiling!

With love,

Suzanne, Gilbert and the Mystic Journey gang


May 16, 2006

Hello everybody,

We are thrilled to announce the release of Enchanted Wind: flute meditations for the heart and soul! This has been something I've personally wanted to do for many years and the right time finally came. We are so pleased with this album. It is really an expression of what I hope to do with my life -- that is, to offer music to the world that touches the heart and heals the mind, body and soul. We hope that you enjoy it and would love to hear your feedback!

This winter has been a time of reflection and change - one change being that the lineup of our band has evolved, and we'd like to acknowledge Fritz Heede, our dear friend and wonderful string player for many years, who is moving on from Mystic Journey to spend more time with his film scoring and traveling. Fritz, we love you!

And we now welcome some new wonderful musicians who will grace us with their magic at our CD release concert on June 3rd at Golden Bridge Yoga in Hollywood. Along with our great string bass player Barry Newton, Dann Torres (oud, guitar and electric sitar), Jamie Papish (percussion), Victor Bisetti (percussion, from Los Lobos) and Andrew Werderitsch (didge) joined us at our Earthday celebration concert in April and we rocked the place! What a blast we had.

Many of these folks will be with us on the 3rd as well as the wonderful Lisbeth Scott (amazing voice on Munich, Narnia, Passion of Christ soundtracks) who will sing with us (yahoo!) and play harmonium and zither. And, last, but not least, my longtime friend and musical collaborator Bobbie Jo Curley will bless us with her divine harp playing. Bobbie played the most heavenly harp track on "Above the Clouds," the second cut on our new CD, ahhhh….

Wishing you a wonderful spring, good health and happiness!

With love,

Suzanne and Gilbert


January 10, 2006

Dear friends,

Another highlight of the fall was having my alto flute playing featured on a national commercial for Kleenex. Check it out: Here.

Well, until we meet again, we are wishing you a love-filled happy and healthy New Year!

Many blessings,

Suzanne, Gilbert & Mystic Journey


August 27, 2005

Dear Friends,

I hope you've all had a wonderful summer. Ours has been nice. We've settled into a new home here in Topanga and we spend a lot of our time outside with our neighbors as the kids ride their bikes. It's a very sweet feeling watching our little guy grow up.

We've had some wonderful shows this summer. One in particular pushed us to write some new music, which turned out to be very rewarding. We were asked to represent Modern Chinese music at the Levitt Pavilion Summer Series . We had two beautiful guest dancers perform with us, Ruby Karen and Desi Djivan. We'll have both photos and video posted soon. They were spectacular. And an incredible master Chinese musician Cynthia Hsiang performed with us on the Gu Zheng, the Chinese zither. We will definitely be recording these new songs, they are very lovely and special. The Chinese press did extensive coverage on the concert and it was fun to see articles written on us in Chinese. Take a look at what the China Daily News had to say.

We are now preparing for one of our biggest and best shows ever, which is very exciting. We're honored to be part of the 2005 World Festival of Sacred Music Los Angeles (September 17 to October 2) which is 1,000 artists and 43 sacred events of music and movement over 16 days, in venues all over the Los Angeles area -crossing neighborhoods, cultural, religious and ideological boundaries in the spirit of world peace.

We will be performing on September 24th at the Ford Amphitheater which is a dream come true. This is one of the nicest venues in Los Angeles, set in the Hollywood hills surrounded by trees and is a great place to see a concert. The sound is wonderful and every seat has a great view. We are thrilled to have performing with us an array of spectacular musicians including Prince Diabate (kora, voice, kirin), Malik Sow (African percussion), Djelimady Kouyate (balaphone - a rare US performance by this world class Guinean musician), Naser Musa (oud), Andrew Werderitsch (didgeridoo), Armen Chakmakian (keyboards), Johnny Sandoval (Latin percussion), Bobbie Jo Curley (Celtic harp) and Ian Roy (flute harmonies). Plus, to top it off, Lexi Pearl's MoMomentum Dancers will be performing a fully choreographed piece called "Dance of the Phoenix" and Andrew and I will be dancing with them! We debuted a very informal improvised version of the piece at this year's Topanga Days and it was a blast. Check out our photos and video!! (coming soon).

Other bits of news worth mentioning: Gilbert and I both performed extensively on our dear friend Nijole Sparkes' debut cd "Parallel Universe." Nijole is a creative singer/songwriter and wife of our beloved string player, Fritz Heede. Check it out!

We also performed at two benefit concerts for the World Festival of Sacred Music and their photographer took some great photos . The evening concert at the Malibu Pueblo was a memorable experience. It was past Miles' bedtime by the time it was our turn to perform. He did not want to leave my side, so I performed the entire set with him on my lap! Yes, motherhood and music do mix!!

More beautiful photos to view by Helene Barbara (from our Levitt Pavilion show on July 21) .

We've had some nice press lately including a feature article in The Whole Life Times this month and I was a featured interview in the newly released book I Don't Need a Record Label .

That's it for now. Thanks for visiting and we send you all our very best wishes.


Suzanne, Gilbert & Mystic Journey


May 11, 2005

Hello friends,

We've just returned from a wonderful trip in the south and feel that southern drawl still gracing our ears and tongues. I find it surprisingly easy to speak as if I was from Alabama…perhaps in a past life.

Gilbert and I were featured performers at MUSICAL ECHOES, an amazing 5 day festival called a Native American Flute Gathering and Cultural Event held at Fort Walton Beach (beautiful place). We had such a great time making new friends such as Jeff Ball who has an awesome band who ended up being not only our CD booth buddies, but our musical partners as well. We performed with them, they performed with us, and some really exciting music was made and a fabulous time was had by all.

We were thrilled to be invited to perform at this event which features the premiere Native American flute players in the world. I was honored to be the sole representative for world flutes.

One of the evening concerts was filmed for a live Internet broadcast that was viewed by over 10,000 people. Another was broadcast on Radiolive.

Everyone involved in the festival was so kind, we felt so at home. Miles was in heaven with several extremely devoted babysitters and was the star of the show when he decided to show off his drumming skills on stage! We'll have photos posted soon so please do check back.

We then visited Gilbert's family in New Orleans and had our annual oyster and shrimp fix. Yum yum.

We're now writing and rehearsing some new songs for our upcoming shows and look forward to sharing them with you!

Happy Spring to you!!

Peace and blessings,

Suzanne, Gilbert & Miles


April 8, 2005

Dear Friends,

Happy Spring to you! The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, the creeks are flowing…it is so beautiful this time of year, ahhhh….

We are happy to announce that we won the INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS Best New Age Artist for 2005! We were also nominated in the World Music Category, the only artists to receive nominations in more than one category!

We are also very happy to announce our upcoming shows. After a quiet winter, we are now gearing up for some fun shows in Florida and here in California, so please check out our Upcoming Events page. For those of you in LA, we are very excited to be playing at the Ford Amphitheater on September 24. The Ford is one of the nicest venues in LA, so I hope you can make it to this show. We are planning a big extravaganza with guest artists Prince Diabate, Naser Musa, Armen Chakmakian and Lexi Pearl's Mo Momentum Dancers (with whom I'll be making my local theatrical dance debut!)

And if you haven't already done so, please check out our new videos on the video page. We are happy to finally be able to share some live footage with you.

Miles is doing great -- a very happy and charming two year old. Such fun he is. Of course, we've got lots of new photos of him up. He is definitely the center of our universe these days.

Our blessings and very best wishes to you all and hope to see you soon!


Suzanne, Gilbert & Mystic Journey


December 28, 2004

Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays to you all! As 2004 rolls to an end, it feels like a time to reflect and give thanks. Even though it is a gray rainy day outside (yes, it does rain in sunny Southern California…) , I am warm and dry, unlike the thousands of people in southern Asia who have suffered from such a huge tragedy, the tsunami of a few days ago. What an enormous disaster…I pray for those who lost their lives and for those who lost their family and friends. How fortunate I feel right now.

Our greatest blessing this year was finding out that Miles does not have leukemia. THANK GOD!!! Back in September we had a temporary scare when M's routine blood tests showed a disorder. Long story short, he had such a low count of neutrophils that he was given a biopsy which reassured us that he did not have a serious disease. Whew… then, a few months later, his levels tested almost normal, just out of the blue. Whatever it was, prayers, timing, a little miracle boy…who knows, but we are so relieved to have a healthy vibrant little two year old (next month, wow time flies!) Those few months though, filled with visits to the department of Pediatric Oncology, taught us so much about parenting and faith…and gratitude. My prayers continue to go to those dear little angels that we met in the waiting room who are battling their illnesses. Blessings to you little babes.

As for the music, well, we had a good year, even though it felt like we hardly had time to make any music. Our tour in Canada was wonderful. We saw such beauty and met such great people. Performing on the sacred reservation land overlooking the lake was quite special. The area had been experiencing a drought and our dear friend and host, Sazacha Red Sky and Gilbert were asking Mother Earth for some rain. Well, rain it did. And pour and pour and pour. Then we asked for a clearing so we could share our music with the Canadians who had invited us up to perform. Right as it was time to play, the clouds parted, the sun came out and it was glorious. Mmmm..I love when things like that happen.

In November we played 4 concerts in Philadelphia and we had a great time. We played in beautiful old churches with awesome acoustics, saw good friends there, met new ones, and best of all for Miles, visited the "Please Touch Me" Museum, a must for all little ones visiting Philly.

We are excited to announce that we are finalists in The 2004 INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS (Jukebox IMA) in both the NEW AGE and WORLD MUSIC categories!! Winners will be announce next month.

We were also finalists for the BEST INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM for the Just Plain Folks Awards. We didn't win, but it was an honor to be picked out of over 10,000 entrants!

We also made it for the 2nd year on MUSIC CONNECTION Magazines list of HOT 100 UNSIGNED ARTISTS.

We've got lots of new photos posted, and yes, we are finally in the last stages of editing our video. It is quite beautiful so far and we will be excited to share it with you next month.

Also, last but not least, we are starting the flute meditation album and are thrilled to be featuring a CONTRABASS flute, kindly loaned to us for this album by Eva Kingma .

Well, Miles has just woken from his nap, so I guess it's time to go. Good timing little guy.

Lots of love and may 2005 be a wonderful happy year for you and your loved ones.

Suzanne, Gilbert & Miles


August 05, 2004

Dear friends,
It is a warm summer night and the baby and husband are both asleep…the crickets are chirping happily and I felt like writing a summer newsletter, so here we are!

We had a wonderful concert the other night at our friends' Orrin and Shahla's annual pool concert. The band was "on" that night and we went on a truly mystical journey. That is always a great reward. Many new ideas flowed from some pretty special improvisations that we hope to develop into new songs in the very near future.

Gilbert and I are off to Canada to play for a few festivals next week, which is exciting. We've never been to the lovely land up north and it will be a treat.
Miles is as wonderful as ever, playing all the drums in the house, including papa's big drum set. He asks for help getting onto the chair, grabs his favorite "blast sticks," beckons for one of us to do the bass pedal since he can't reach it, and goes at it. It's the highlight of our lives these days, watching this little guy (now 18 months!) blossom into such a sweet, funny and curious little boy.
We were recently notified by one of our distributors, Eroica, that he had entered us into a competition called Just Plain Folks Music Awards, and that we were finalists for the Best Instrumental Album Award. I was not familiar with this award and looked it up and learned that there were over 10,000 entrants, so we're thrilled!

We've also just recently been signed by another distributor called Burnside who will handle our national mainstream accounts, so any retailers out there reading this, please feel free to contact them!

Our recent "Echoes" show for Public Radio International was recently aired nationally and as usual, they did an amazing job. We will post the show on the website for you all to hear. Meanwhile, you can visit them at

Plans are underway for lots of exciting travel this year, so stay tuned, we will let you know if we are coming to your area if you sign our email list from the site. We've got new photos up and many more on the way, so take a peak at our photo gallery.

Here's wishing you a wonderful fun filled summer!!!

Suzanne, Gilbert & Mystic Journey


February 17, 2004

Dear Friends,

Gung Hay Fat Choy…Happy Year of the Monkey! We've just returned from our trip to Asia where Gilbert and I performed at the HUAYI - Chinese Festival of Arts, 2nd Annual Chinese New Year Festival. It was an honor to be invited to represent the United States at this festival along with the Hong Kong Ballet, Lo Tayu, one of Taiwan's top pop stars, a drum troupe from China and more than 30 other acts from around the world representing art, music and dance from Chinese artists. Our concerts (8 of them in 4 days!) were well received and plans are in the works to bring out the full Mystic Journey band in the near future! The venue, "Esplanade, Theaters on the Bay", is spectacular. Only a year and a half old, this $600 million complex has three theaters, a concourse/gallery and outdoor amphitheaters. It is completely state of the art and a stunning work of architecture. Click here to view it.

Our journey to Bali afterwards was wonderful. What a beautiful island and what beautiful people the Balinese are. We have lots of photos up in our gallery, so please take a peak! Miles had a blast and is now an experienced world traveler, having survived a 21 hour flight, jet lag, a big bump on his head (a souvenir from our Singapore hotel bedside table), mosquito bites, and his first fever (103.4! - talk about experiencing the challenges of parenthood, I haven't prayed that hard in a long time…).

We were happy to return to beautiful Topanga and to wonderful news from radio stations that "Miles Beyond" is topping play lists around the world! We received emails from Japan, Belarus, Romania, Australia and around the states, which is very rewarding.

Now it's back to the music and to our spring season. We have local shows in the works as well as some west coast touring, so please check back soon and sign up on our email list so we can let you know the details once they are scheduled.

Hoping you are all staying healthy and happy!


Suzanne, Gilbert, Miles, and Mystic Journey

P.S. Check out our photo gallery for newly posted photos of our MILES BEYOND CD Release Concert 10/10/03 and new photos of Miles, as well as photos of our recent trip to Singapore and Bali.


November 7, 2003

Dear friends,

It is a chilly Friday night and as we enter into a darker, colder time, it is also a time to get the old knitting project out, light the fire, and have some quiet time. It's a time of contemplation and reflection for me. Sadly, right after our wonderful CD release celebration and my recent birthday festivities on October 20th, my beloved father passed away in the early hours on October 22nd. I was at first hesitant to play at my own father's memorial service, just wanting to say a some words and just be there for my mother, but I later realized that he would want me to play for him. I played China Lily on my favorite flute, my Chinese bamboo Dizi, and poured my heart and soul out for him. I felt him listening and am now inspired to record an album of soulful flute prayers…for my dad, Sidney Hsi-Huan Teng, and for all of you. He was a wonderful man and a great father and I will miss him dearly.

Sending you all my love and best wishes,



September 25, 2003

Dear Friends,
We did it!! "Miles Beyond," our new CD is finished and at the manufacturing plant! yay! You can purchase it from us and your order will be shipped out in early October, or you can order from our other online distributors (,,, etc.) after October 15th. They should hit the stores in November.

As I mentioned last month, our CD Release Concert celebration is scheduled for 10/10, a full moon Friday evening, here in Topanga at the Theatricum Botanicum.

We are very happy with our new creation and hope that you'll enjoy it too!

Wishing you all the best,

Suzanne, Gilbert, Miles & Mystic Journey


August 16, 2003

Hello! It is a very warm summer evening here in Topanga and while I write this newsletter, Gilbert is recording a dumbek track for one of our pieces for the new cd, and Miles is enjoying sitting under the ceiling fan squealing with excitement. We are very happy to announce that our new CD, "Miles Beyond," will be released in October! We are really happy with it so far and look forward to sharing it with you all. Our CD Release Concert celebration is scheduled for 10/10, a full moon Friday evening, here in Topanga at the Theatricum Botanicum.

Last weekend Gilbert and I performed at the National Flute Association Convention in Las Vegas and it went wonderfully. We were thrilled to be invited to perform on one of the Gala evening concerts in front of more than 2,500 fellow flutists from around the world. It felt great to have our music heard and appreciated by so many of my colleagues and mentors.

Miles is now in his saucer and has discovered how to turn on the music. He looks so proud of himself. He is serenading me with "Intsy Weensty Spider" and "Pop goes the Weasel" and in the distance I can hear the wild drums and zurna; it's a new life around here. Gilbert and I love being parents. It can be a challenge getting things done, but we're figuring out very creative ways to do things. In fact, when you listen to the next cd, see if you can hear Miles. He is playing his rattle on one track and makes a few gurgles and squeaks on another. He's so far made it to many sessions and all of our mixing sessions. And, he's actually on my lap right now as I sign off and say, thanks for visiting our website. We've got new photos posted of Miles and of last year's Botanicum show and our links page is finally going up. Next we'll get sound clips up from the new cd and our long awaited edited video footage.

Until next time,

Wishing you a wonderful rest of the summer.

Suzanne, Gilbert, Miles & Mystic Journey


May 21, 2003

Hello friends,
Greetings! 7 months since our last newsletter, and no major musical news to report -- but…a life changing experience has happened to us.

On Janurary 12th, Gilbert and I were blessed with our wonderful little boy Miles! Click here to see his photo (with lots more to be added under our Personal photos section). He is our sweet Buddha baby and parenthood is as wonderful as we hoped it would be. Actually, even more so. It really is an amazing journey! Also, fortunately, Miles loves when we play music. So, we're now picking up where we left off on finishing the next CD and are very excited about it. We have many new pieces and lots of great new instruments to feature, so please check back or sign our email list and we'll let you know when it's being released (around August).

Wishing you a wonderful spring,
With love,
Suzanne, Gilbert, Baby Miles and MYSTIC JOURNEY


March 29, 2002

Hola amigos,

We've just returned from our concert in Veracruz, Mexico, and it was incredible -- a great adventure and a gratifying success. We spent the first few days of our trip in Xalapa at a lovely hacienda set in the jungle. The wonderful Mexican band Grupo Keltica (Cythia Valenzuela on celtic harp, dulcimer and voice; Manuel Ugarte on mandolins, oud and flutes; and Francisco Bringas on tabla, dumbek and miscellaneous percussion) joined us at the hacienda for rehearsals which were held in a beautiful cavernous area that opened up to a lovely lush courtyard. The acoustics were vibrant and majestic, but our music was at times drowned out by a powerful choir of singing birds and the occasional pounding rainstorm. Without amplification, we often had to imagine hearing the quieter instruments and with an eight hour a day rehearsal schedule, it was at times quite challenging, to say the least, but we did it! We learned four of their songs, and they learned four of our songs, and we all agreed that together, Mystic Journey and Grupo Keltica is an awesome world music band.

Cumbre Tajin ( is a remarkable event set at the pyramids of the Totonaca people in the state of Veracruz, a five hour drive from Mexico City, held during the Spring Equinox. The event featured 28 bands from Mexico and around the world (Hungary, Spain, Israel…) with Mystic Journey being the sole representatives from the U.S! We were honored to be invitated to perform on the closing night with the platinum-selling rock band from Spain "Estopa" following us. The concert was a huge success with a packed and enthusiastic audience and a fabulous night of music making. The stage was enormous and we were showered with colorful lights and dry ice (which was great for the visuals but not so great for the instruments). Our dear friend and Guinean kora master Prince Diabate joined us on stage for a memorable performance of Aduman. Mystic Journey and Keltica each played three songs and we then performed the 8 songs together as a big band. It was a magical evening. The wonderful Cumbre Tajin staff treated us extremely well and we loved the warm and friendly fans. A 14-camera television crew filmed the concert and we were featured on the 10:00pm news throughout Mexico! We will have a video clip from this footage up on the website soon.

Meanwhile, we have posted a few photos of our journey including shots of our trip to the waterfalls, our journey to the pyramids, a view of the enormous stage structure, and a concert shot in our MEXICO 2002 gallery. We also have put up a video of our rehearsal at Xalapa in the video section, so please take a peek, but also check back soon for an extensive photo gallery and more videos. We are now gearing up for our spring season of concerts and more work in the studio and hopefully, we will have a new record for you soon. Until next time…

May spring bring you freshness and joy, laughter and love.

With our love,

Suzanne, Gilbert, Fritz and Barry (Mystic Journey)


January 23, 2002

Dear Friends,

It is a cold and windy day here in Topanga and I am sitting here snuggled up against the heater while my usually fearless dog Sierra cuddles up against me. There is something in the wind that frightens her. It is mighty and powerful and very magical. I've always felt a connection to the wind - probably one of the reasons why I chose the flute as my instrument. Plus it always makes me feel like I'm flying.

It has been a while since I last wrote a newsletter. So much has happened to all of us. After September 11th I found myself drawn more than ever to play flute meditations for the community, for friends, and for myself. I had just received my new order of bamboo flutes on the 10th. They were by my side constantly and I found it so therapeutic to play them and cry. A few other very sad personal losses occurred these past few months for Gilbert and myself, so we have shed a lot of tears. But going through the losses together has only brought us closer and we love being married more than ever.

Musically, it has been a busy time with recording sessions. The ever-prolific film composer Jeff Danna featured my flutes on several more films. I played about 10 different flutes for the European TV show "Dracula." I recorded last night for a Korean soap opera (with a high tech system called Rocket that allows for the musician to be in a different country from the producer.) I played for fellow Topangan Keith Bilderbeck's children's music cd featuring full orchestra ( I was the featured instrumentalist on Ana Forest's new video.(This video is a demonstration of yoga poses and Ana is pretty amazing. 26 minutes of flute music with percussion and synthesizers). Played for a meditation CD and for a CD for Chinese herbs (I've also played for a cd for silver jewelry being sold in JapanShmmm). The diversity of these projects is pretty crazy, but fun. Our song "Aduman" is featured on an in-flight film for Middle Eastern Airlines (if you're on one of their flights, keep your eyes open for the film on kite flying!). Tommy Tang is putting out a documentary on Thailand which will feature some of our music and a few other film projects are in the works, so that is exciting. A few more compilations featuring our music have been released. They will be listed on our discography page when that finally gets completed (sorry for the delay). And yes, our new CD is still in the works. It will be worth the wait. We have lots of new material and some amazing new instruments!

Mystic Journey was booked in November to play for a private party for U2 and No Doubt. That was flattering and fun. We're starting our live shows for the new year and had a really fun show last weekend featuring lots of old time Topanga friends who have played with Mystic Journey in the past. It was a great night.

Our most exciting show coming up will be in Vera Cruz, Mexico on March 23 where we will be headlining, along with a great Mexican band called Keltica, a 9 day festival for the Spring Equinox featuring music, art, eco-tourism, ceremonies and much more. We will perform in front of a lit up pyramid that I have been told is truly mystical and magical. For more information , visit The last time I checked the site, only the Spanish site was up, but keep checking, they will soon be adding an updated English version. This should be a pretty amazing festival. Maybe you can join us there!

John has added some new photos from Topanga Days 2001 to the Gallery. Check them out, they're fun!

Sending you best wishes for a wonderful, healthy, peaceful and very happy new year. Thanks for visiting.

With love,

August 7, 2001

Dear friends,

Greetings from Topanga. It’s a warm summer evening and I’m inspired to say hello before I head off to dance at my favorite "barefoot boogie" venue here in LA, a fun place called Dancehome. A group of us from Topanga carpool into town every Tuesday to dance dance dance!

We’ve been playing a lot of music lately, which is always great for us. As I write, Gilbert is at Fritz’ studio laying down oodles of percussion tracks on Fritz’ newest project, a 2 CD collection of music for Dolphina’s upcoming "Goddess Workout" video series. I recorded half of my tracks last week and had a blast. These should be great CDs which will feature all kinds of exotic instruments. When the project is finished, I’ll put a link to Dolphina’s website. Fritz (our guitarist/sitarist/saz player, and soon to be oud player!) is a talented soundtrack composer and old friend. We’re very proud of his work on this project.

Another great friend and amazing musician, master kora player Prince Diabate, who co-wrote "Aduman" with us and has performed with us numerous times, has just released his new CD titled "New Life." Gilbert and I are on the song Voyageur which also features John Bilizikjian on oud and Paul Livingstone on sitar. What a great combination of instruments. We just performed the song at Prince’s cd release party and were joined by Hassan Hakmoun, a master Moroccan musician. That was a treat. Prince’s website address is:

In the past, Gilbert and I used to play a lot of Kirtans, (devotional chanting) with a variety of chanters. In order to focus on our various projects, we took a brief break. Lately, we’ve been playing a few chants again and it’s been very fun, and very pleasant.

Another big return to the past happened last week when Gilbert and I gave a concert/lecture up at Cazadero Music camp, a beautiful camp for kids grades 6 through 12 situated in the Northern California Redwoods. This was very special for me because, to make a long story short, this camp is the reason that I am playing the flute! My older sisters attended the camp when I was young and our family would go up there for the concerts. I wanted very much to go to the camp myself, but after 2 years of studying the violin and not liking to be "second fiddle" (literally…my older sister was so much better, and I was tired of sounding so squeaky), I quit. So, I needed a new instrument to go to camp on and chose the flute. Yay! It was wonderful being back at camp. I was on the flute faculty there many years later, but I haven’t been back since. The kids, who are there to study classical music, really got into our performance of neo-world music and were even off their feet dancing! It was a joy to give back to the camp that gave me so much

Well, it’s almost time for me to meet the carpool. But before I say goodbye, I have to tell you that today is mine and Gilbert’s one month anniversary! We had a wonderful wedding on July 7th in Topanga on our dear friends Elena and Tor’s beautiful deck overlooking the mountains. We were blessed with perfect weather, a full moon and a shooting star! We were serenaded by Bobbie Jo (celtic harp) and Dov (violin) – both dear friends and musicians on our cd . We dined on Armenian food (Gilbert’s choice – he fell in love with the food after playing a gig at an Armenian club with our friend Armen Chakmakian), we danced to Arabic music, and our families finally got to meet and celebrate together. Our wedding present from John, our webworker, is a photo gallery of our wedding, so check back soon if you’re interested in seeing how we tied the knot!

Sending you warm wishes,

Suzanne and Mystic Journey

May 9, 2001

Hi everyone,

It’s been a busy few months full of fun and challenging events. I had an incredible experience a few weekends back playing principal flute in an orchestra with many Los Angeles Philharmonic players. I was a bit intimidated at first since I haven’t been doing alot of orchestral playing lately. I did ok during the rehearsal, no huge mistakes, but no spectacular playing. But during the concert when it came to the big flute solo in the last movement of the Dvorak Symphony No. 8, I was able to go into the zone and didn’t get freaked out and I nailed it! I was so happy. I’ve always loved a good challenge, but making this one made my day, my week...and still continues to boost me when I’m feeling low. So, riding on that high...I stepped into another challenge which was a total thrill. I was in the band that played on the live Survivor show this last week. Live TV is definitely a wild experience, and being part of a show that millions of people are watching and hearing was really fun. Although I haven’t been following the show, by the time of the shoot, I knew who the contestants were and am happy to say that I am glad Tina won! She was extremely friendly and down to earth and I enjoyed her energy a great deal. She complimented me on my gemstone hair braids and even wanted to have them done to her own hair! Yay Tina. For Survivor fans out there, we've got some photos from the experience that will be posted.

Now it’s May 23rd and I’m back to finish this letter. Other highlights? hmmm...Earthday was wonderful again this year. We played for the Earthday LA event for lots of enthusiastic kids and were inspired by talks by leading environmentalists who always remind me how powerful one person can be. These folks have such commitment to saving our environment and I bow to each of them. Thank you environmentalists! Our local environmental hero, Woody Hastings, once again produced a fabulous Topanga Earthday event which we had a blast playing at. It was definitely one of our best shows ever. Again, we’ll post lots of great photos...and you can also visit :

to see photos taken by Benford. The May 5th Spring Celebration was a huge success. Not only was it a beautiful event, but over $9000 was raised for the earthquake victims in Gujurat! Bravo to everyone involved.

A couple of neat projects that we’ve been session players on have recently come out. Both Gilbert and I played on Jack Wall’s recording for the newly released video game MYST III:Exile. We haven’t heard it yet, but he tells us that a trailer for the game will be played before every film showed at all United Artist theaters. He writes great music, so keep your ears open for this one! Last week I went to the screening of “Green Dragon,” a new film by Vietnamese filmmaker Timothy Linh Bui. I played some ethnic flutes and recorders on Jeff Danna’s beautiful score and am happy to say that I think the film is great and definitely worth seeing. When I finally sit down to put together my discography, I’ll also include a list of films that I’ve played on with links to various sites. I’m really proud to be part of such great projects.

Two more things I wanted to mention: We are now on where you can hear our songs. We will soon be adding new songs not on the Mystic Journey CD. Every time someone listens to us, we can potentialy earn $, so if you want to support us, go have a listen! (thanks), and I just wanted to point out that if you haven’t yet listened to our Public Radio International show with Echoes, it’s now on the site. It’s a very cool 7 minute segment with live and prerecorded clips with interviews. You can click onto the show under the Radio section or the To Listen section of this site.

John, our webmaster, has been busy adding lots of new photos, so check them out in our gallery!

Thanks for visiting and please send an email message if you are inspired to say hello, we’d love to hear from you! Be well, have fun, be good to each other (my mom’s advice to me and Gilbert which I pass on to you and your loved ones...)

With lots of love,

March 22, 2001

Dear friends,

Happy spring! After my last letter in February, our brief flirting with spring turned into a false alarm and we ended up having lots of rain and cold nights. So although today is overcast, it has been wonderfully sunny and warm for about a week and it now feels like spring is really hear. I had the best time this weekend planting my mini vegetable garden. When I stick my hands in the dirt I am always reminded of my early childhood days when I loved nothing more than to plant my vegetables and watch them grow. I truly believe that gardening is my form of therapy and spiritual rejuvenation. Gilbert was so happy to see me so joyful and stress free when I was showing him our new pink flowers, Swiss chard and red mustard plants. Speaking of Gilbert, we’ve finally picked our wedding date for our “official” wedding - July 7, 2001. Both of us love the number 7. His special number is 37 and mine is 57 so we were excited when 7/ 7 turned out to be a Saturday. Although we feel very much married since our union in the cave, we still want to have a wedding with our families and friends present and our dear friend, sound man and now minister, Cleve, is going to do the honors!

Our concert in Berkeley was a blast and all kinds of friends and family from the past were there including two of my flute teachers from 20 years ago (!). While in Berkeley, we did a live radio show on Berkeley Liberation Radio (104.1fm) with host Rush Hours. It was so very Berkeley - complete with absolute free expression and a lovely dog in the studio named Natasha who, with her soulful eyes, was like a divine entity guiding us all through the hour and a half show. We had alot of fun that afternoon.

We’re now gearing up for our local spring concerts and then some more touring which we will let you know about once our plans are confirmed. Meanwhile, another compilation has come out featuring our music and I promise to get the discography up soon with clickable links. Until then, if you’d like to read an extensive interview that I did with a wonderful DJ in Belarus (!!!) named Serge Kozlovsky, please visit his site:

We’re also now up on MP3 so please visit us at . Thanks for visiting, and again, Happy Spring to you!

Sending you all much love,
Suzanne & Mystic Journey

February 6, 2001

Greetings friends,

Hope that 2001 has been a wonderful year for you all so far. It feels like spring already, here in Topanga. The flowers are starting to bloom and the days are warm and sunny. Sometimes I feel that time is moving so quickly...but that's ok, as long as we keep enjoying the journey. Our journey is taking us to New Orleans next week to visit with Gilbert's family and do a radio show on WTUL. Then we'll drive back through Texas and visit Sedona, my first time there. I can't wait. On March 10th we'll be performing in Berkeley, my home town (see upcoming events). I'm very excited about finally performing for my friends and family up there with Mystic Journey!

A few highlights from the past months include being a candidate for a Grammy Nomination for Best New Age Album of 2000. We didn't get the nomination, but it was a thrill to be in the running. Also, we made it to #6 on the NAV radio charts, again, a big thrill since we managed to do this without a radio promoter. We also received many more wonderful reviews (see reviews section) and very touching feedback from people all around the world which means so much to us. Your support is so very important to us, especially during the challenging times that we face as a tiny independent label...THANK YOU!

I had a wonderful experience a few weeks back with an old friend of mine. I had given him the cd when it first came out. He later told me he liked it, but I could tell he wasn't crazy about it. (He said he liked my older works better...) ouch. Then a few weeks ago he came to me to tell me that now that he's in love, he totally gets the album and loves it and listens to it every day. Wow... that meant the world to me. When I think about the meaning of life, I think about love. I am so grateful for the love in my life and I pray that I can always spread love through my music. Anyway, enough mushiness...thank you Marcel for that huge compliment!

Our biggest news these days is that we've built a home studio where we can record our initial tracks for the next cd. We've got lots of new music and hope to have the next cd available for you by the summer! Until then, you can hear us on lots of compilations, soundtracks and cds of other artists (including Prince Diabate, the amazing kora player who created "Aduman" with us!). Some of these are already available, some are to be released this year. So check back again and look for the Discography section to be added to the website very soon, along with some new photos and video footage!

Be well, be happy and Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

With love,
Suzanne & Mystic Journey

September 20, 2000

Greetings friends!

Thank you for visiting. A lot has happened since the CD came out in October of ‘99. We had some wonderful concerts here in the LA area beginning with our CD release party at the Theatricum Botanicum, a wonderful outdoor amphitheatre here in the Topanga hills that is very special because it is where Mystic Journey first began. In the early days, we performed there (and at Topanga Days, our local 3 day fair) under our original name, TOPANGA. Also in October, we performed at “His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s World Festival of Sacred Music.” This was an honor to be part of this amazing 8 day festival. We have also been selected to be featured on the compilation CD for the festival, to be released sometime in late 2000.

Another memorable concert this year was the Topanga Earthday 2000 concert which raised over $9000 for environmental causes. This was such a beautiful, colorful love filled day, we plan to put some photos on the website. And then of course in May, we played Topanga Days, always a blast.

This spring, Gilbert and I gave a mini tour in Maui which was wonderful. We plan to return to the islands this spring for more concerts. After Maui, I co-facilitated a wonderful retreat to Guatemala with my dear friends Edwin Lemus (from Guatemala) and his partner Francesca Forese. We will be doing this retreat again in the future, so make sure to visit www.New Native This was an unforgettable trip. We visited sacred sights, participated in ceremonies, hiked, ate, danced, made lots of music drumming and singing-- and everyone learned to play the flute! It was extra special because GIlbert and I were married by a Mayan priest! Completely unplanned by all, this magical marriage occurred while we were chanting and doing ceremonies in a
sacred cave called Chicoy. The energy was very mystical and the priest, Don Jeronimo, received a message from the nine Mayan gods that he was to marry us, so he did! So, after being engaged since June 1st, on the solstice June 21st, we were united!

We’ve had other good news lately too. Just two days ago I was notified that I won the INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARD for BEST NEW AGE ARTIST! I am thrilled. Earlier this year our album MYSTIC JOURNEY was nominated for the NEW AGE VOICE MAGAZINE AWARDS in two catagories: BEST ACOUSTIC INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM OF 1999 (finalist) and BEST CONTEMPORARY WORLD MUSIC ALBUM OF 1999. Since I was up against my idols Cesaria Evora, Sheila Chandra and Afro Celt Soundsystem, I was honored to just be nominated! (Cesaria won....she is AWESOME!).

We are now receiving lots of airplay around the world (around 700 station), including Russia, Belarus and Romania! The Public Radio International syndicated show ECHOES produced a wonderful special on us that was so popular, it has aired 4 times. You can hear the show (a 7 minute produced piece with interviews and clips...they did a great job, and a 28 minute live concert.) Go to, look for ECHOES, plug in Suzanne Teng in the search section. They have called MYSTIC JOURNEY one of the top 25 albums of 1999.

Other recent projects: Our song “Lhasa Love” is featured on the Earthtone compilation “Spirits of the World.” Other artists on the CD include Angelique Kidjo, Krishna Das, Dead Can Dance...we’re in good company! My flute playing can be heard on several TV and film soundtracks coming up. My favorite is “BABY,” airing on TNT on October 8th. My bass and alto flutes are the primary voices on this beautiful soundtrack by Jeff Danna, available on Citadel, a Time Warner Company. Recent television appearances include a performance on Bridging Heaven and Earth,, and a segment on who has also chosen our music to be their theme music for their daily network news show. You can also hear songs from Mystic Journey being used by the San Francisico Asian Art Museum in their educational video for their current Chinese Architecture show, on the upcoming FOX special “Power of Wellness” with Dina Fraboni, and on the website for the Fight against Breast Cancer.

That’s all for now. Please visit again. We have plans to give concerts at Mount Shasta, Northern California, Hawaii (Maui, Kauaii), Santa Fe, Sedona and Colorado and back to Guatemala, so please feel free to get in touch if you’d like more information or keep checking the site.

Wishing you a wonderful and happy rest of 2000. Spend lots of time with good friends, let your spirits soar and be free!

With love,
Suzanne & Mystic Journey

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