These files require Quicktime version 6 or greater and are formatted for a monitor display set to millions of colors. If the movie clips don't load and play automatically in your browser when you click on the links, try downloading the files to disk (Right Click) first and THEN click on the files once they are on your desktop or in your downloads folder.

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ford theatre 2005

World Festival of Sacred Music 2005
Video cinematography is by Soula Saad and Yolanda Gilot. Jelane Haywood edited the video for Staytunedtv.

Suzanne playing in the band for
Survivor Live Finale show (02.6 MB) Quicktime MOV

Live In Concert
At The Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum
Topanga, California

Fertile (19.2 MB) Quicktime MPEG-4 (18.1 MB) Quicktime MPEG-4 (6.1 MB) Quicktime MPEG-4 (8 MB) Quicktime MPEG-4 (6.2 MB) Quicktime MPEG-4

Suzanne's alto flute playing featured
on a national commercial for Kleenex

(movies open in a new window) (2.54 MB) Quicktime Movie



New song!:  Yunnan
Earth Day Topanga 2008
Video by Richard Cheadle

China Lily Video Thumb

China Lilly:
Farmers Market 2008
Video by Richard Cheadle

"Medicine Wheel" • VIDEO!
Special thanks to Richard Cheadle for editing and providing this clip! Here it is in a few different formats. (5.7 MB) Quicktime MPEG-4

Medicine_Wheel.ra (3.7 MB) Real Player (download)

Medicine_Wheel.ram (3.7 MB) Real Player (stream)

MEXICO 2002 - Cumbre Tajin
"Rehearsing Katyia's Dance at the Hacienda"
(two parts)

MOV00053.MPG (344k)

MOV00056.MPG (344k)

you will need Quicktime or another
MPEG viewer to play these clips.

Hoopalicious dances to "Fertile Crescent"
on NBC's "America's Got Talent".
When you get to their web site,
scroll down and look for "Hoopalicious".
Or see a longer clip on YouTube.

Tess Cacciatore of the World Trust Foundation created this
beautiful little video of our recent show. It features our wonderful
singers and dancers and gives you a taste of our magical day. Click on the picture below to watch it on Google Video.

October 22, 2006 Topanga, CA - Collage

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