Suling class (MEDIUM SIZED flutes)

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SORRY, THIS CLASS IS SOLD OUT! Please email me if you are interested in this class at a future date, thanks!

Learn to play the Suling!

In this small and intimate online class with me, Suzanne, you will learn to play this sweet bamboo flute from Indonesia. Once you register, I will send you your very own custom made suling! It is an easy-to-learn beautiful bamboo fipple flute. With only four finger holes, the flute plays in the gorgeous West Javanese pentatonic scale (Sunda) and plays over two octaves!

The fingerings are very simple and the tone is easy to create. It’s a sweet yet powerful little flute!

I have these sulings custom made in Bali by a master flute maker. I have them made to a 440 pitch so that they can be played with western instruments (hard to find this!). They are sturdy and very well made. Professional quality, not a tourist’s flute.

Listen to this flute This is our recording “Suling” from our album “Miles Beyond.”

Class is limited to 7 people. This is a special class offering for our Solstice Flute school that wasn't able to meet this year. There won't be another class for a long time!! Just a few spots left...

$150 - Includes your own Medium SULING flute/shipping and online CLASS