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BLOOM is for Native American-Style Flute players who believe in the power of music to change people's lives for the better. Our featured artists: Suzanne Teng, Shelley Morningsong, and Rona Yellow Robe, share original flute songs designed to uplift, celebrate, and inspire. Participants will learn six songs during the event, two from each teacher. Flute TAB and backing tracks are provided, along with performances and musical guidance from each artist. Our mission is to help participants grow in ways that empower them to share more music with their communities, to help celebrate all that is positive, nurturing, and good, and to demonstrate the power of music to do what words alone cannot. Schedule: Saturday: 9am-12pm, (Rebroadcast 2-5pm, 6-9pm) Sunday: 9am-12pm, (Rebroadcast 2-5pm, 6-9pm) All times are Pacific Time Event access starts at 8:30am and extends to 9:30pm each day (30 minutes before and after the sessions) Questions? Email Kalani at