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Suzanne in The TANK

Teng coaxes her flute into producing living reverberations. Every note dances in the voluminous space and returns to her as if she held sway over their existence, a Goddess over sound. And she clearly does. Her bass flute is in tune with the planet and it is the voice of the earth of yesterday. And tomorrow.

I enjoyed every song on the recording. Listening to Shimmer made me feel like I was in a separate dimension where I was in the middle of some vast, yet pleasant blackness and I was surrounded by sound. It touched me. It filled me. It kept me buoyant as if I had no physical body. Every song created its own sonic environment. I urge caution if you listen to this music in the dark. You will be affected. Excellent album.  

- R J Lannan, Artisan Music Reviews

12 Tracks of atmospheric live recordings from The TANK - a cavernous seven-story former water tank with a stunning reverberation of 40 seconds - featuring low flutes, bamboo flutes, ocarina, Mayan flute and Native American flute along with hand pan drums, Turkish lute and metal found objects.

Hanging Lake (music video)

"Whisper" is one of the finest works of an ambient structure to have come across my desk in a long, long while. Listen to the opening piece, the proud title track Whisper, the gentle acoustic guitar of Levy enhances the sublime soothing flute of Teng, this is one of those tracks to simply stop what you’re doing, listen, and just be in the moment with." - One World Music



Suzanne Teng             Gilbert Levy               Dann M. Torres          Jon Ossman 

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Suzanne & Gilbert

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