Mystic Journey

Suzanne Teng

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"Sensual and Serene..." as described by Billboard Magazine, the hauntingly beautiful flute melodies twirl with magical music played on harps, percussion, and exotic stringed instruments played by 19 master musicians from around the world.

Topanga Dreams Since 1988, I've lived in Topanga, California. This small mountain town has taught me the true meaning of community. By being there for each other, we can make dreams come true. May all your dreams come true...

Katyia's Dance This song has evolved from being a solo dance performance piece in our Mystic Journey shows into a passionate tango...for two. So grab someone you love and enjoy the dance!

China Lily This flute was a gift from my Dize (rhymes with pizza) teacher and is one of my favorites. Whenever I play it, I am transported to a place of inner peace and stillness.

Lhasa Love I found this melody in a book of traditional Chinese folk songs, It was called Tibetan Dance before we transformed it into a lively multicultural boogie!

Aduman Although there are many dialects spoken in the West African region of Guinea and Mali, the universal word for "sweet" amongst all the tribes is aduman.

Darjeeling Sunrise Inspired by an Indian sunrise raga, this song reflects the experience that I had when I was on top of Tiger Hill in Darjeeling, India, witnessing a magical sunrise illuminating the awesome Himalayan mountains.


"Sensual and Serene....Mystic Journey is an impressive solo debut." - BILLBOARD MAGAZINE

"Suzanne Teng plays music for the soul. This is a lovely album. Its music will stay with me for a lifetime." - Al Martinez, LOS ANGELES TIMES

"This CD is an East meets West production orchestrated by Teng's delightful flute performances and the joy that emanates from her soul when she plays." - MUSIC CONNECTION

"This is one of the sweetest flute albums to come along in a while." - NEW AGE VOICE MAGAZINE

"...This CD, which lifts the listener to a place where beauty, ecstasy and tranquility reside... is full and rich...delivers the goods." - WHOLE LIFE TIMES

"Teng's chops are fluid and lithe, and the accompanists seamlessly augment her musical messages." - RHYTHM MAGAZINE

"Beautifully produced CD...Some of the upbeat numbers boast immediate pop accessiblity through lilting melodies and infectious dance rhythms, while others create simpler, more spacious listening environments." - YOGA JOURNAL

"Her passionate playing unleashes kundalini energy and coaxes it up the back of the spine. It's nearly impossible to listen without swaying your body. This artist is obviously aware of the healing power of music." - MT. SHASTA MAGAZINE

"Teng's instrument of choice is the flute, and she plays a variety of them with masterful ease...Teng has made a rarity: a record that withstands close listening and can be a caliming influence in the midst of a hectic day." - BOSTONIA MAGAZINE

"Suzanne is a consummate flutist on a variety of flutes...beautiful and soulful music." - WIND AND WIRE MAGAZINE

"Suzanne Teng needs only a few notes to establish herself as a major artist in her own right. " - BACKROADS MUSIC


Suzanne Teng is a flutist, dancer, percussionist, composer, teacher and recording artist from Berkeley, California. She has a master's degree in music from Boston University's School for the Arts and has studied with some of the finest flute teachers in the world. She is an award winning classical musician who, after traveling adventures across the globe, furthered her graduate studies at UCLA's Department of Ethnomusicology where she completed the coursework for the Ph.D., focusing on Music and Healing.

Known for creating music that is spiritual and healing in nature, she has composed music for yoga and acupuncture videos and performs in concerts, festivals, and dance/movement/yoga events across the country as a soloist and with her world music band Mystic Journey. She was a featured performer at His Holiness the Dalai Lama's World Festival of Sacred Music '99 and has been featured performing her flute meditations at numerous major events with spiritual leaders and writers such as Thich Nhat Hanh, Marianne Williamson, Mathew Fox and David Whyte as well as for corporate heads in the US and Mexico.

She has worked with a wide variety of artists and ensembles including the Boston Philharmonic, Los Angeles Pops Orchestra, Tito Puente, Kenny Loggins, Babatundi Olatunji, Airto and Flora Purim, Alessandra Belloni and The Dramatics.

Suzanne has recorded for Polygram, Warner Brothers, Windham Hill, BMG, Shanachi, Scottie Brothers, and numerous independent labels. Film, Television and commercial credits include "Pepsi," "Jonnie Walker," "California Tan," "Murder She Wrote," "Big Bully" (Tom Arnold), "Separate Lives" (Jim Belushi, Linda Hamilton), and foreign film scores and commercials for India, Germany and Mexico. Her flute playing is featured on an Environmental PSA (music by Hans Zimmer) which will be seen by over one billion people worldwide. She has appeared on national television and radio and has been featured on Public Radio International three times.

She is an endorsed artist for Yamaha and AKG and is a popular teacher, having taught flute, percussion and world music to many hundreds of students. She has practiced yoga for 13 years, loves traveling, gardening and hiking and has summitted 19,000 foot peaks in the Himalayas.

Gilbert Levy was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. With an early love for drums, he purchased his first drum set with the money he received for his Bar Mitzvah. Since there were already 40 drummers in his school program, Gilbert chose to study the trumpet and tuba in order to play in the high school band. His passion for drumming won out though, and he was soon performing professionally as a drum set player in R & B bands in clubs on Bourbon Street and with jazz greats such as Wynton Marsalis. Gilbert moved to Los Angeles in his 20's to further his musical career and fell into the world of pop music. After playing in numerous bands and working on several major label recording projects, he grew tired of the Los Angeles music scene and took a sabbatical from music. He then discovered world music after hearing tabla virtuoso Trilok Gurtu and began intensive studies on the tabla with Pandit Ravi Bellare. Gilbert has since developed an ability to play just about any drum he picks up and is a specialist on the Indian devotional drums, the khol and pekawaj, on which he is the primary accompanying instrument for numerous kirtan chanters (devotional Sanskrit call-and-response chanting). His unique drum kit includes drums from Africa and the Middle East blended with tom tom and cymbals. His musical style blends traditional rhythms with funk and R&B and his ability to create unique drum patterns keeps him in demand as a performer and recording artist.

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