Suzanne Teng Signature Flute - SOLD
  • Suzanne Teng Signature Flute - SOLD
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Suzanne Teng, an award winning musician is proud to announce her first Native American Style Signature Flute in a limited series of 10.  The Suzanne Teng signature flute is a unique blend of rare and beautiful exotic woods tuned to the key of G4.  This flute which is considered functional art not only has beautiful sound but can be proudly displayed as a work of art.  Suzanne’s signature is lazed on the side of each instrument with the series number lazed on the bottom. The flute body is comprised of Ancient Kauri wood.  This rare wood is the oldest workable wood in the world, being carbon dated to between 30,000 and 50,000 years old.  Each flute comes with a certificate of authenticity certifying its age.  Additional information on how this wood is harvested is available on YouTube if you search for Ancient Kauri Extraction.  Additional features are Australian Red Mallee Burl rings with Maple Burl end caps.  The end caps are highlighted by 4 hand inlayed Turquoise rings.  The instrument is topped off with an African Black Wood mouthpiece and fetish featuring a Mexican Opal cabochon hand-picked by Suzanne.  This hand-picked stone is Suzanne’s birth stone. The flute was designed and constructed by Dan and Jean Selchow of Journey of Life Flutes.  Jean’s leather work and custom designed flute bag puts the final touches on an instrument that you will be proud to own, display and play for years to come.  The selling price of this fine instrument is $400.00.  Each flute comes with a 10 day trial period.  If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase the instrument can be returned for a full refund minus the shipping costs with 10 days of delivery.  

 "I received my flute today and it is everything I was hoping for. The blend of woods and ornamentation come together to form a flute with character and elegance. My first thought when I played it was how easy it was to play and responsive with so little effort. It has great balance between the low range and high range while easily sliding into the upper register. It also has a warm tone with its own voice. The most important thing for me is I want to keep hearing it's voice."                               -  Jim Dostal (proud owner of Suzanne Teng's Signature Flute #1)  Long Lake, Minnesota 

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