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Watching Us From Other Worlds

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Watching Us From Other Worlds 6:01
Suzanne Teng: Bamboo flute
Gilbert Levy: NovaPan pan drum, shaker, synth bass, synths
Jon Ossman: Dilruba

Whisper was written during the pandemic, when times were (and still can be) very lonely and frightening. We wanted to create soothing, gentle, and quiet music that helped comfort those who listened to it. We discovered that within the intimate and serene music that was coming out was a deep emotional expression that was healing for us and we hope will be healing for our listeners as well.

Watching Us From Other Worlds is a line from a poem that our son wrote when he was eight.

Ode to Dead Animals
by Miles Teng-Levy

Still and cold. Furry and soft.
Large or small, cute or ugly.
No matter which you will be Remembered!
Waiting for the day to pass!
Bringing tears to eyes…
Watching us from Other Worlds!

We always loved that line and when we added Dann’s amazing other-worldly ambient guitar work, this seemed like the perfect time to finally use it as a song title.